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Founded in 2018, Pixels x Code develops your app or website from an idea on paper to a fully launched product with customers in as little as 90 days (sometimes less) 🚀

We also develop custom AI models, APIs, marketing tools, and business tools.

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What We Build

High Performance iOS and Android Apps

Accelerate your app’s journey from concept to launch with our end-to-end app development services. Whether you’re enhancing your current offerings with a new app or aiming to create a market sensation, our streamlined process ensures fast deployment and continuous support, bringing your vision to life swiftly and efficiently.

Highly Optimized Websites and Web Apps

Elevate your online presence with our high-performance website and web app development services. From the initial design vision to seamless deployment and ongoing support, we provide a complete solution that transforms your digital concepts into reality. Whether you’re enhancing your existing web assets or aiming to create a groundbreaking digital experience, our expert team delivers with creativity and precision.

Custom AI Models and Tools

Are you ready to revolutionize your business and lead your industry? Transform your ideas into reality with our custom AI model and tools development services. From the initial concept to full implementation and continuous improvement, we offer a comprehensive package to actualize your unique vision for artificial intelligence. Whether you aim to integrate custom AI solutions into your existing operations or spearhead the next major innovation in intelligent technology, our expert team is equipped to craft sophisticated, bespoke AI models and tools tailored to your needs. Let’s build the future together—starting now.

Marketing Tools

Ready to revolutionize your marketing strategy? Our comprehensive services span from conceptualization to ongoing optimization, including the development of bespoke systems to elevate your brand. We specialize in building systems for automating tasks, optimizing campaigns, and enhancing analytics with effective cold email strategies. Let us help you align your marketing efforts with your business objectives and create tailored solutions for success.

Custom API Integrations

Our custom API integration services offer a comprehensive solution that bridges the gaps in your digital ecosystem. Whether you’re aiming to unify diverse systems, streamline processes, or enhance overall efficiency, we’ve got the expertise to craft bespoke API solutions that seamlessly weave through your infrastructure. Whether it’s linking disparate platforms, optimizing data flow, or building intricate communication channels, our commitment is to turn your integration needs into a cohesive, tailored reality

Branding and Business Scaling Tools

Whether you’re building a brand from scratch or seeking to elevate your current presence, we’ve got the expertise to create a distinctive identity that resonates with your audience. Additionally, our custom scalable business tools are designed to grow with your enterprise, ensuring efficiency and adaptability as you navigate the path to success. Whether it’s refining your brand strategy or implementing tools for streamlined operations, we’re committed to fueling your journey towards business growth and sustainability.

How We Do It

Brainstorming + Design

At the entrance of your project, creativity takes center stage as we delve into the unique challenges and opportunities your project presents. Our team of visionary designers and developers collaborate to craft a blueprint that not only meets your requirements but exceeds expectations. We breathe life into ideas, transforming them into visually stunning concepts that resonate with your brand identity. This phase is where dreams take shape, laying the foundation for an exceptional digital experience that will captivate your audience.

Strategic Development

Here, our dedicated team of developers translates the design concepts into a robust and functional reality. We embrace the latest technologies and industry best practices to build a platform that not only meets your current needs but is scalable for future growth. Our code is the backbone of your digital presence, ensuring seamless functionality, security, and a user experience that sets your brand apart. Every line of code is a commitment to excellence, and our meticulous approach guarantees a product that stands the test of time.

Massive Launch

The culmination of our collaborative journey—the Massive Launch—is an exhilarating celebration of your project’s transformation into a full-fledged reality. This isn’t just a launch; it’s an event. Brace yourself for a spectacular unveiling that propels your system into the spotlight. From meticulous testing to ensure flawless performance to strategic marketing campaigns that generate buzz, we leave no stone unturned. Witness your vision come to life as we deploy your app, website, or AI solution with flair, creating an impactful presence that resonates with your audience. The Massive Launch isn’t just a milestone; it’s the beginning of your digital success story.

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We desire to become your long term partner and change the world together by building magical apps, websites, and systems. With Pixels x Code, you not only gain a great product, but a long term commitment to your success.